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nl (Dutch) translation team. PM an admin or mod to join the team!

Translators: joostlek, tonnes
Reviewers: joostlek, tonnes

Please follow our translation guidelines: Wiki: l10n:guidelines.
(01-09-2014, 09:47 PM)freaktechnik Wrote: [ -> ]nl (Dutch) translation team. PM an admin or mod to join the team!

Translators: joostlek
Reviewers: joostlek

Can I add them too?

Btw, great program, keep on going. when i learn java, ill try an android app for it Wink
As a Coordinator I think you can (at least on Babelzilla)
The tranlsation guidelines for Dutch from the Songbird wiki:
  • In Dutch we only use a capital letter in the beginning of a sentence. Much of the English phrases have capital letters on any important word, we try to avoid this.
  • Here are some agreements we made in the past about certain difficult to translate / multi interpretable features:
    • 'Track' or 'Song', we translate as 'Nummer' in favor of 'Liedje', 'Lied' or 'Compositie', as 'Nummer' is the most general term.
    • 'Library', we translate as 'Collectie' in favor of 'Bibliotheek', as in Dutch we more often speak of 'Mijn muziek collectie' than 'Mijn muziek bibliotheek'
    • 'Watch Folder' we translate as 'Volg map' in favor of 'Bekijk map' and 'Controle map'
    • 'Add-ons' we translate as 'Uitbreidingen' in favor of 'Extensies', 'Addons' and 'Plugins'
    • 'Display Pane' we translate as 'Weergave paneel' or just 'paneel'.
    • 'Feathers' we translate as 'Veren' in favor of 'Pluimage', Although a lot of people agree that neither
    • 'Pluimage', nor 'Veren' is a good translation. We're open for suggestions.
    • 'Device' we translate as 'Apparaat' in favor of 'Toestel'
    • 'Your' we translate as 'Jouw' in favor of 'Uw'
As not all lines above appear to be correct, I’d like to respond to this. To ‘number’ the bullets:

  • 1-1) Using capital letters: of course, providing “any important word” (for English) means ‘proper nouns’ here. Feature names should be capitalized in Dutch as well though.
  • 2-1) ‘Track’ should indeed be called ‘Nummer’, no argue about that.
  • 2-2) Calling ‘Library’ a ‘Collectie’ is OK as well. Compound words like ‘Muziekcollectie’ however should not contain superfluous spaces as written in the examples above.
  • 2-3) Almost correct. One should always use full verbs (infinitive mood) for commands, options, menu items, tooltips etc. which is basically almost everything. One exception: if a string is a command/request or informative text directed to the user (and only then), it uses imperative mood (gebiedende wijs), often identifiable by a full stop at the end in the en-US string where commands/options/menu items don’t have one. Hence ‘Watch Folder’ in the example above would be ‘Map volgen’ in favor of 'Map bekijken’ and ‘Map controleren’.
    However, I’ve never seen anything else but ‘Map controleren’ in Songbird/Nightingale, which is the best choice IMO as it’s common to use ‘controleren’ for ‘watch’, so the guideline above probably isn’t right.
  • 2-4) Incorrect. It’s both interesting and annoying to see translations containing ‘Uitbreidingen’ for either Extensions, Add-ons or even Plugins (that aren’t similar at all), while this is far but a good solution. Apart from Uitbreidingen being incorrect, that’s also a general word comparable to ‘verhuizingen’, i.e. they’re not things that can be touched/used/installed and hence they may cause confusion. I’ve seen this word in other open source translations as well and even though it may be a bit painful to say, until now it’s always been people from Flanders suggesting it, implying they don’t like using words like Add-on or Extensie for the Dutch equivalent, possibly because they tend to avoid using words resembling English or French at the cost of anything (no offense). Also, while Dutch (speaking) localizers should beware of Flemish influences in Dutch translations in general (as ‘Standaardnederlands’ should always be used) and following Mozilla and Google, there is no objection to use ‘Add-ons’ as well as ‘Extensies’ or ‘Plug-ins’ (including hyphen) for Dutch.
  • 2-5) OK, but the example should read ‘Weergavepaneel’ (see 2-2). However, this word has been shortened to ‘paneel’.
  • 2-6) As ‘Feathers’ is just another (English, slang-like) word for ‘Themes’ where Dutch has trouble finding an equivalent for and the literal ‘Veren’ probably doesn’t ring a bell like it does in English, I see no objection to use ‘Thema’s’, which is also easier to recognize compared to Mozilla products and better than ‘Veren’ anyway.
  • 2-7) See 2-6.
  • 2-8) ‘Apparaat’ is a very common and basically the only proper translation for ‘Device’, even more since devices aren’t always phones these days.
  • 2-9) Incorrect. As opposed to the guideline (that I have never seen, nor any discussions as mentioned above), any self-respecting translation including those of OSs and programs/tools that have not been specifically written for children or a certain younger audience at least (as e.g. MSN Messenger in the past), Dutch should always use ‘u/uw’ in favor of ‘je/jouw’. Besides, ‘je/jouw’ was never used in Songbird either and it wouldn’t be possible to do so, as Songbird/Nightingale uses Mozilla code based on using ‘u’, and a mixture of both is a no-go. One should also try to match the style of the OS, which is the primary reason not to use ‘je’ anywhere. Regarding the SHOUTcast, mashTape and LastFM plugins, they should use ‘u’ as well accordingly and need some fixing to meet this and other guidelines mentioned above.

In general: only use curly single quotes using (right) Alt-9 and (right) Alt-0 (on Windows) instead of the straight quote or apostrophe characters. Double quotes in Dutch are only used for spoken or written statements made by people and therefore very rare (so substitute them by single ones), but if they are needed in such case, use (left) Alt-0147 and (left) Alt-0148 on the numeric keypad on Windows.

Regarding Flemish influences: avoid ‘too Dutch’ and typical Flemish words like ‘opladen’ (uploaden), ‘bewerker’ (editor), ‘etiket’ (label), ‘gelijkaardig’ (soortgelijk) and ‘gelieve’ (never translate ‘please’ anyway). Also avoid constructions like ‘kunnen gehouden worden’ (use ‘red’ instead of ‘green order’ in constructions carrying forms of the verbs hebben/worden/zijn). Again, use Standaardnederlands, proper grammar and decent, but not too formal language.

If there are no objections for the items mentioned in 2-4 and 2-6 in the near future, I’d like to replace ‘Uitbreidingen’ by ‘Add-ons’, and ‘Veren’ by ‘Thema’s’. Use of ‘u/uw’ already was and should be fine.

Note that the current language files on BZ contain some general fixes created around the end of October ’14 and around April ’15. The Mashtape, SHOUTcast and plugins were also checked for errors and consistency and updated around June ’15.

Comments on the additions above are welcome, of course.
Updated the NG files to include the announced changes above as well as the CD -> cd change (thanks for reporting).