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Full Version: featherweight Rating Concept
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We need a rating concept for our upcoming Add-on platform, and we weren't able to decide which of the given concepts is the best. Here's some explanation on the issue:

Commenting would give users the possiblity to communicate directly (same login, same page) with the author and other users, just like the forums. But we have a forum already, not that nicely integrated, though. Adding a commenting section might distract from reviews?!
Having a commenting section might also give the opportunity to have a review-like feeling if the individual user's rating is displayed at comments by that specific user.

Rating itself is giving 1-5 stars. The question is if the users should be able or forced to write why they gave their specific amount of stars bound to their rating (review). This would make the rating feature way more valueable for the developers, as they get to know what features their users like or dislike.

Note that you can select multiple models if you can't decide on one and don't care which one of the selected is choosen Wink
I also want to point out, that a normal user will not write a comment and a review. If he writes a review, he won't leave a comment and ask his questions etc. in the review. I can't proof that, however that's what I think the average user will do. And that's exactly what we want to avoid.
We could do the following:

Build a forum section for addons, and autocreate a thread for each addon...and tie it into featherweight...

For ratings, we can use the star system, and perhaps build in an api into Nightingale later on, and have a little thing that pops up for ratings once every month for any newly installed xpi's or themes - we could build that as an automatically loaded xpi from firstrun, and have it tie in with browserid/the forum account, etc...integrate nightingale (optionally?) with the Nightingale community and featherweight.
What is the difference between comments and reviews?
(06-04-2012, 03:23 AM)Manko10 Wrote: [ -> ]What is the difference between comments and reviews?

A comment is general and is used for contacting the dev, while the review is a short text that goes with your rating (like "very great addon", or "hate this, stop it") which doesn't need any more interaction.
A comment is a comment. You can't tell the user what to write. Either you provide a text field for a comment or not and then the user can decide whether he writes a useful comment or just a useless "review".
I guess a review would have a rating attached and explains a users point of view of how successful an add-on fulfils it's promised functions or doesn't, where as a comment or more accurate would be query would be a question about why this feature isn't in the add-on or doesn't work etc and needs a response from the author. The reason to separate the two is to make it easier for an author to find out what is going wrong or needs to be added to the add-on now that his/her work has been let out into the wild without sifting through lots of reviews which are more directed at other users wondering whether this add-on will fill their needs.
I would handle it the same way as the Google Play market: let the users rate with stars and if they like they can also add a comment.
I would't mix that stuff with development related discussions. That only makes the whole thing very confusing. Bug reports and feature requests should go somewhere else, preferably in the author's own issue tracker. Otherwise we would have a lot of double reviews and cross discussions.
"doesn't work, 1 star", "doesn't work because..., 1 star", "thanks for fixing, 5 stars" mixed with "I like this add-on because..." and "I dislike this add-on because..."
Closing here, committed as 8076496c113c5e68057c22e6c22fea8beb745b8d.