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Full Version: Is Nightingale dead?
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There were no more community updates and nightly versions since more than a year.
Despite offering some nice new features, version 1.12.2 (or 1.13?) never got released.
Is Nightingale dead?
I guess that depends on your definition of dead. If your definition of "dead" is equivalent to a project having no active (!) developers, then I guess you are correct.

You can build the most recent Nightingale from git, it just hasn't been released (yet?). At least some former Nightingale contributors still use Nightingale privately, although most (all?) of them do no longer have time for development. I, for example, am in the process of founding a company for some years now (not related to Nightingale), which means my productive time goes mostly into that. If somebody would want to contribute patches, or drive a release, I'd still be available for questions or similar support.

I thus wouldn't call Nightingale dead, maybe "dormant"?
Thanks. That's what I thought (or what I was afraid of).
I'm still using Nightingale, v1.12.2 self-compiled (the last nightly made available from 03/16/15). It works fine without a hitch.
I probably would have switched to another player if there was anything better for Linux. But there isn't IMV.
So I'd really hope Nightingale gets going again.
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I'm still using Nightingale, v1.12.2 self-compiled

That's Nightingale 1.13a.
Dear developers, let nightingale live for release 16.04, the ppa is failed.
(07-01-2016, 07:07 AM)aastone Wrote: [ -> ]Dear developers, let nightingale live for release 16.04, the ppa is failed.
Iirc freaktechnik spoke about some 16.04 related issues, so I don't expect that to be fixed soon.

As a workaround, you can grab tarballs on the download page or build it yourself (the link is for linux, other platforms here).
Currently using the Nightly Build in Ubuntu Mate 16.04. It works with only the occassional crash, but mLyrics wont work.
Tried installing the stable version but ended up in dependency hell with the various library versions that would not install in 16.04.

I really like Nightingale/Songbird - has the library features I like, lyrics search and save to metadata, etc etc, and would really like to continue using it.

A Nightingale Snap?
With the introduction of Ubuntu's Snappy packages, apps can be packaged and installed with their specific dependencies integrated. (And it now appears that they may be installable for a variety of other distros too.)   Would it be possible for anyone reading this forum, who has a bit of packaging experience, to consider taking on the challenge to create a Snap package of the latest stable version?
(i played with deb2snap script, but just got errors, see )

It would be good to be able to continue using Nightingale (and with mlyrics) regardless of OS upgrades into the future.
Why not make a deb of the nightly build?
(07-23-2016, 03:03 PM)3×5 Wrote: [ -> ]Why not make a deb of the nightly build?

The Nightly Build ppa has/is a .deb already, and I have it installed for 16.04 xenial.
It crashes occassionaly and mlyrics doesnt install (plus a few more little bugs I've noticed).

As previous stable versions won't install or work on the latest Ubuntu (and variants), and since future development of Nightingale has virtually stopped, the only way to continue using it into the future is to have a software package that has its own correct versions of lib dependencies bundled, ie. a snap package. It would then install and run properly regardless of OS versions and updates/upgrades.
Maybe docker would be better than a snap package.
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