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Full Version: Metadata/song information not displayed correctly
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This is my first post here and first of all, I'd like to say that Nightingale is an incredible player that has lots of potential!

In fact I am using Nightingale as my second player, next to good old Winamp, since about 2 years. With my music collection, it was no problem to import all of my sorted and already tagged files into Nightingale and start listening and exploring right away.

That was with version 1.11.0 I think. But unfortunately since version 1.12.0 I have a strange problem occuring, regarding the way that most of my songs are listed in the Nightingale Music Library and which most likely must have something to do with how the tags of the songs are handled and read by the player or how they are imported:

The problem is, that many of the songs are listed with their complete file names (consisting of artist, song-number and -name in my case), instead of only the song-name, in the „title“-column of the Library List View, while all the other columns, like „Album“, „Artist“, „Album“, „Year“ and „Genre“ are left empty, even though all of the songs are properly tagged (Winamp shows me all of the tagging details for the same files in the correct columns in its library view). And indeed, when I right-click on one of those songs in Nightingale and choose „View Metadata“, only the „Title“-line is filled with the songname („Dream Theater - 01 - Pull Me Under“ for instance) and that's it, the rest is empty.

I think, that it must have something to do with the APE-tags, storing the replay gain information in my songs, written by the program „MP3Gain“.

I am using this program for a long time now and as I said, earlier Nightingale versions did not have a problem with them whatsoever. I did some tests and really noticed that my regular tagging, being done with winamp, did not cause any problem with how the songs were presented and listed in Nightingale. But as soon as I did the ReplayGain-adaptions with „MP3Gain“ afterwards and had this program write the corresponding info to the song-files with APE-tags, the problem started occuring in Nightingale, beginning with version 1.12.0.

Can someone please identify the problem? Maybe Nightingale changed something in the last few versions in the way that it reads tags? I am sure that the problem did not occur in the older (1.11.0?) version even though all of my songs were already tagged with „MP3Gain“ then, as described

Would be great it if I could just let my music files as they are and if I did not have to 'retag' them all again, if I want to keep on using Nightingale.

I already tried to erase the APE-Tag information from the songs by using „MP3Tag“ but it did not help at all. So I think maybe you can just make Nighingale handle the tags as it apparently did before, when every single one of my music files was displayed correctly in the Nightingale listing views?

Thanks a lot in advance!
The fact that Nightingale displays the filename (I guess that's your filenames) means, that taglib couldn't read the tags.
1.12 got a new implementation of taglib, and it seems some of the issues with it are slowly unraveling. One possible reason why you don't get the tags could be writing protection. If the files are readonly taglib sometimes acts up. See Issue #280.

Alternatively this could be an occurence of Issue #226, which probably has it's roots in the same problem.
You were right with your assumption, it was the writing protection! Apparently quite a few files' properties were set to read-only on my external hard-disk. I moved my entire collection to an internal hard-disk and there you go: all of the songs plus tags were imported and displayed correctly again!

So it was #188 and #280 related, but had nothing to do with #226 in my case.

Thanks for the hint, I am happy to be able to fully enjoy using Nightingale again!