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Full Version: blog post 'Help testing 1.12.1'
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I updated Nightingale to the 2014-01-02 nightly (downloaded the tarball for Linux). The update was from an older 1.12.1 nightly (I believe from 2013-09-15, self-compiled).
I didn't get a firstrun page at all. Instead Nightingale opened with a blank tab. As a workaround, in preferences I set the Home Page URL to the 'Music' tab (chrome://songbird/content/mediapages/filtersPage.xul?libraryGUID=8dae3bf5-a339-4b49-a60e-419d4c78b6c9&listGUID=8dae3bf5-a339-4b49-a60e-419d4c78b6c9). Then Nightingale comes up as before.

Am I supposed to get the first run page at all when updating from a previous nightly? The pref nightingale.update.url is set to ''.

Is the first run page in any way related to the 'Check for Updates' menu item? I don't think this ever worked for me, at least not on Linux, and I do get a 'Update XML file not found (404)' error when trying.

Also, I don't understand this statement from the blog post:
"You will see the full release of it before January the 14th, as after this date our integrated updating system will be broken."
What does 'will be broken' mean?
Exactly what I didn't want to hear. because that's what SessionStore was supposed to do: open a tab and restore your library in the first tab.
did you see the "check for add-on updates" dialog on startup? Also, how old is your profile?

Google Code will no longer allow donwloads of files, so we can't push updates to the "Check for Updates" menu item anymore.
No, I didn't see a "check for add-on updates" dialog.
Not sure what you mean with 'how old is your profile'. As mentioned before, it was used with a previous 1.12.1 nightly.
(01-04-2014, 12:12 AM)freaktechnik Wrote: [ -> ]Google Code will no longer allow donwloads of files, so we can't push updates to the "Check for Updates" menu item anymore.

We can, until 01-14-2014. After that we will not be able to. If we can get this to work very soon, I think we might have a chance. If not, we should start preparations to release a mock version without changes with a new update url.

Edit: sorry, messed up reading; did not read the question you answered with that Wink
(01-04-2014, 01:17 AM)tibitts Wrote: [ -> ]No, I didn't see a "check for add-on updates" dialog.
Well, it should only have popped up right after you upgraded (well, you can use the profile again with an aolder version of ngale, and thenit should upgrade again, however the firstrun upgrade mechanism won't work in that case).
Quote:Not sure what you mean with 'how old is your profile'. As mentioned before, it was used with a previous 1.12.1 nightly.
With which version of Nightingale did you create it, as that can have great influence to how the session is stored, sadly. (Mainly because SBSessionStore is a mess)
I made an update from

Version: Nightingale 1.12.1, Build 2453 (20130626014418)


Version: Nightingale 1.12.1, Build 2453 (20140104014353)

on Windows XP SP3 with the Nightingale windows.exe file without uninstalling the old version and keeping the profile.

Profile-Version before update was: LastVersion=1.12.1_20130626014418/20101201201839

Result after first start:
White blank page is shown

One side note: The builds have all the same build-ID. It's confusing when downloading different versions and all have the same file name

I just made a test with version 1.12
Deinstalled 1.12.1 nightly first
Deleted profile
Installed pure 1.12 from April 2013
Imported some music and started
Updated to Nightingale 1.12.1, Build 2453 (20130626014418)
On first start the white blank page appeared
All with German language automatically choosen by Nightingale
I uninstalled nightingale non unity last night and installed nightingale nightly and I got the same results.

I am using mint 16 with KDE and installed via the PPA file as suggested in the blog post.

The result is that I didn't get the first run page and the tab was clear. Check for updates is blanked out.

Has before I had the problem of soundcloud causing nightingale to crash when I tried to login. A problem which I had before with lastfm plugin.
Thanks all!
So as it seems I should be able to reproduce this (even tough I had tested this). and hopefully fix it.
nighthawk: I know that soundcloud problem and figured out why it was happening, but I can't recall why right now. But in short, both the soudcloud and plugin will need some love in the future.
So I just landed a chnage that should fix it. And somehow in my testing I didn't have this issue. anyways, upgrading should now work as expected (if the versionnumber between the builds changes, or the build was before the existence of this change).
I just installed the 2014-01-06 trunk nightly build over my 2014-01-02 trunk nightly installation.

After installation Nightingale startet with two tabs. Tab one is my music collection and is focused. Tab two was the Welcome to Nightingale page. So far, so fine.

What's really annoying is that the buildnumber is always the same 2453. That should be corrected for the future.

Another problem:
When I check for updates from within Nightingale, I get the following error message:

An error occured while parsing a file. (See details). Nightingale must quit. This error may be caused by your current language setting. Switching to U.S. English may fix the problem. <Quit> <Reload in U.S. English>

After clicking details it reads:
[JavaScript Error: "undefined entity" {file: "" line: 13 column: 28 source: "<title>Page not found /middot; GitHub</title>"}]

The installation of the 2014-01-06 trunk nightly automatically selected German in the installation. My selected Language before and also after the installation was/is U.S. English. So this might be related to the above error message.

Also, switching to German within the Nightingale GUI says, that German language is not installed and must be downloaded. Weird, because the installation selected it automatically and so it should be usable after finishing the installation.
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