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Hi everyone,

Is it possible to turn nightingale into a media server (like Songbird, i guess in Songbird is it with the "Media Sharing" addons) for sharing song with XBMC in my Raspberry pi?

Thanks for this open source audio player, it's amazing =)
No, not as comfortably as with the Songbird extension. If you still have a copy of the extension, you can modify it easily to work with Nightingale ( Else it's really hard to replace it. Tough you can use third party software to create a DLNA server, you still won't get the Controller feature.
I'll try to modify it! Thanks for the instruction!
it installs correctly, but it do not work... it miss the graphic part for selec xbmc
I had sb Media Server working (in sb) earlier this year and successfully pushed some music to my TV!

But now it doesn't work (in ng, but did it ever?).

Any how, it appears the sbPushControllerService is missing.

I can't find these anywhere - locally or on the web! If someone has these or can point me to them, or post them, I'll try to put it all back together and get the addon working again..

(10-17-2013, 07:42 AM)_Simon_ Wrote: [ -> ]Any how, it appears the sbPushControllerService is missing.

Sadly, the extension was not opensource afaik; technical documentations of its internals are available at documentation\sharing\ in Songbird's latest source code dump... that is the only mention of something related I found in SB's opensource core.
It is something we could put on the roadmap though, since there are opensource libs for DLNA and Avahi, Bonjour, etc...
I'd be happy to have a look at it myself (once I have finished the 3 new add-ons I have in the pipeline, and fixed a problems I have with my current add-ons).

I don't have any experience of DLNA etc so would be on a steep learning curve for me - which is what would make it interesting! I wouldn't be able to even consider it seriously until next year, so anyone else who wants to should push ahead...!

Questions wrt DLNA support for Nightingale did pop up in a number of topics in this forum, and the possibility to implement that was mentioned. Is there any news on that? It would be a highly desirable feature for me.

Also an old SB DLNA extension has been mentioned. Did this ever work, or more importantly, would it still work with the recent Nightingale 1.12.1? I understand the add-on would need to be ported for Nightingale, but that shouldn't be a problem.

I was searching for the Songbird DLNA extension, but couldn't find it anymore. I don't even know if that was the correct name. As the Songbird site isn't available anymore, does anyone know where this add-on can still be downloaded?
Hi tibitts

If we had any progress on a DLNA feature, I'm sure you'd have heard about it and we sould have advertised it in our roadmap on the wiki.

The extension should work with Nightingale 1.12.1, sadly it's not available publicly anymore. We should have a backup of it somewhere, but I think we can't publish it, due to copyright issues.
I think ilikenwf recently e-mailed the company who developed the extension, if they could at least partially open-ource it, as far as I know.
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