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Full Version: Hi, Adroid remote
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I've started to develop a small android app for myself to remote control songbird - now nightingtale :

[Image: uqq8.png]
the plugin side is using GeekShadow's get-control

I would like to add more stuff to the app but I'm stuck plugin side, the songbird documentation wasn't really up to date.

I haven't share it anywhere yet... don't know if I can share it here?

I don't mind sharing the whole source code of the app... its not much anyway

Wow, very nice! GeekShadow is the guy to talk to, but if you want to share the source, github is probably the best way.
Kudos for your music taste Wink
And a very cool project! I am looking forward to the expansion... I hope there will be one. (*stares at GeekShadow*)
You can upload the add-on to our wiki - where all the other add-ons are. You'd need GeekShadow to give you edit rights tough.
Good news! Please upload this addon to
That's annoying. It may be a permissions issue...

Either way, this is the coolest thing we've had in a while - this addon, simple as it is, is definitley worthy of making it into the addons section of the next release (we'll be doing away with the firstrun wizard soon).
(08-06-2013, 07:36 AM)prunn Wrote: [ -> ]Uploaded
but can't modify the wiki

give your user so I can give you edit access
lol didn't realized I had to register to the wiki also... Blush
user is prunn