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Full Version: Mac remote control support (old songbird add-on)
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I was hoping to port this add-on to Nightingale so I could use my iMac remote to skip/pause/play tracks. However it seems that it doesn't work when porting to Nightingale or the newest Songbird version. So far I've only got it working for Songbird 1.4.3, and also needed Candelair 1.7 with "Legacy compatibility mode" activated.

Has anyone here tried porting this before? It seems that the bulk of the code is in a .dylib file, which I understand is an Xcode format. Opening it in a regular text editor just gives a bunch of garbled text. I tried a couple hours to view it with Xcode but couldn't figure it out (likely due to a lack of programming experience Rolleyes )
This is probably compiled code, thus not readable for humans but for mac(hines). If you would want to get it to work with the current version of Candelair, you'd have to replace this file with a current implementation. You'd also have to reverse engineer, what the file offers for the extension, if you want to avoid rewriting the whole extension. So, the best case would be, if you found the original author and got him to updating it or releaseing the source.
Thanks for the advice freaktechnik!

I've emailed the author about updating but haven't received a reply, however the source is available here.

The apple keyboard media keys add-on, by the same author, was updated more recently (two years ago) and still works with the current Songbird/Nightingale. So I'm thinking that the source for this add-on could be used as an example of how to update the mac remote add-on. When I have more time I'll look deeper into this, I just posted this in case someone else wanted to try it before me.
We can probably figure something out...unless you have the build environment, one of us can try and get this to build.

freaktechnik: ping me if I forget Smile
Cool, thanks! I do have Xcode (running OS X 10.6.8), which I'm guessing was the build environment, but again, no idea how to use it at the moment.

Congrats on the 1.12 release btw, you guys rock.
In that case, feel free to try. You will just have to cd in and make -f or whatevs to try.

Thanks Smile I will be fixing something tonight that should also allow all mac 1.11 users to auto update as well.
So I finally got around to getting this done!

I updated the extension to match the updates for the media keys extension and re-built it using the nightingale-1.11 release branch (my mac build system doesn't seem to like the nightingale-1.12 release branch and after). However it still runs fine for me in 1.12 and the latest nightly.

I've added the extension to the addons page here. I can only confirm that it works using Mac OS X 10.6.8. If you have an Apple remote and you are running a different OS version I'd be interested to know if it works there as well.

Just like the old Songbird add-on, for it to work properly you need to have the Candelair driver installed on your system with "Legacy compatibility mode" activated. However this mode was removed in Candelair 1.9, so you will need to install a version older than that. I found a link to download Candelair 1.7 (P.S. I posted this to the addons page, is this allowed?)

So the next step would be to update the add-on to work with the most recent Candelair driver. This probably won't be a very high priority for me, but if others want to try here is some info about adopting the HIDRemote class, which will have to be implemented into the extension somehow.

Finally I have attached the updated source code to this post, although I suppose I should upload it to a proper code-hosting site such as Github.
(12-18-2013, 01:04 AM)zjays Wrote: [ -> ]I posted this to the addons page, is this allowed?

I don't see any issues with that. Just don't upload anything you did not make by yourself unless you're sure it is legal to do so (thus, no copy-pasting from copyrighted pages, no copyrighted material in uploads, etc.). We don't have a better system right now Wink
I've got a problem running Candelair 1.12 and using Apple Remote. When I downloaded 1.7 i managed to install it but on opening I found that it just asks me to update Undecided Whats the deal here? Is there an update I need to wait for?
(02-20-2014, 01:42 AM)XXAU Wrote: [ -> ]I've got a problem running Candelair 1.12 and using Apple Remote. When I downloaded 1.7 i managed to install it but on opening I found that it just asks me to update Undecided Whats the deal here? Is there an update I need to wait for?

I uninstalled my version of Candelair and just did it again. After I installed the Candelair_1.7.dmg file, the Candelair icon in the preference pane pops up (see my attached image). Does it not appear like this for you? From there I just clicked the install button and I was good to go after activating the legacy compatibility mode.

I'm running Mac OS X 10.6.8, what are you running? Maybe it doesn't work on other versions...
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