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If you're able to understand English (and since you read this you are Wink ), help Nightingale by improving the locale in your native language!

This forum should be used to coordinate translation teams. We're planning to have our own langpacks (and no longer use Songbird's) and that's where we need you: tons of strings need to get updated and/or translated from scratch to fill our l10n repository at github, so we can do the switch to a improved localization.

This thread should cover all the basic stuff of how the translation works. Please do not ask locale-specific questions here. For technical issues regarding localization, head to the issue tracker for l10n. If you need to talk about other stuff, use other forums, as for example General Discussion.

Translation Teams?
We hope to get as many of the old Songbird localizers in here, but we're also looking forward to see some new translators. The translation work itself is hosted at babelzilla.
This forum is opened up to be a discussing place for the teams. Note that we not only need good translators, but also people reviewing the changes and adding it to the l10n reposirory ensuring a high translation quality. Transifex (the system used at Babelzilla) gives you the opportunity to do the reviewing and translating directly. GeekShadow took care of the repository part, your changes will go automatically into our localization repositories for our developers to use (if you are a developer and have a gitHub account, PM GeekShadow with your gitHub eMail, and the bot will link your translations properly to your gitHub account).

For most locales, there is no translation team, yet. Feel free to request the creation of a team for your locale at Babelzilla. However, we need you to create a forum account before we will grant you the coordination of a translation team (as we wish to have a way to contact you in case of issues). Use the same nick as in Babelzilla, or PM GeekShadow, freaktechnik or me with your Babelzilla nick; we'll then create a thread here and accept your group creation request.

Note that a regular user is not able to create a thread here. This is to ensure we get not more than ONE discussion per locale. If your locale did not get a thread yet, PM GeekShadow, freaktechnik or me and we set it up for you.