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Full Version: TagNinja Looking Good...
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Wow, he's really doing well there, it seems. Found this during a routine google search I do to see what people are saying about our project...
Thanks for the praise :-)
I didn't have too much time lately, but I will eventually get back to it and try to fix the last bug (I couldn't save the artwork in the tags, even if the pref was enabled)...
I just thought you needed some props Smile

It's really looking like you have it shaping up quickly. No worries on time, I'm uber busy right now too.
where can i get this man it look very nice
I uploaded a first version. It runs, but it's untested. You can get it on the addons page. Any feedback is welcome :-)
I know this thread is old but just wanted to say that ive been using tagninja a while now and I love the simplicity of it. Simply Amazing! You can select full albums and hit tagninja and it pulls up everything you need. 99% of the time it has worked great for me. Smile

I do on the other hand have one request for the addon. I noticed that that when you go to the music folder containing the music file that it has the old file name. I remember back in the sonicstage days you could update the file name,artist,album info just like tagninja and then it had the option to change the actual file name to match the new data. (If that makes sense) I use XBMC once in a while to maintain my videos and what not and even though the correct info is displayed in Nightingale, it is displaying the old info in XBMC, or any other program for that matter. Is there something I am doing wrong or do I have manually change every name? (Which would suck changing 4,000 song titles lol)

Keep up the great work guys!
You have to enable "writing to metadata" in the settings in order to get your tags written to the file. Else they are just written to the Nightingale library database.
I've gone through the settings several times now and I can't seem to find that anywhere. Do you mind guiding me to it? I'm using Nightingale 1.11.1 by the way.

Also is there a way to set the folder Hierarchy like you can in banshee or songbird. I liked how they automatically put all of a Artists Albums in the same Artist folder.

songbird.metadata.ratings.enableWriting is already set to True.
Strange. Not sure what tagninja does there then. Or if it's simply a bug.

The organizing feature has been removed from songbird, too.
Has anyone else had trouble getting this to write the album art to the song file? The art shows up fine in Nightingale after running the wizard, but if I open up the file in mp3tag afterwards it still shows as having no album art.
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