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Full Version: Feature showcase
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Since I am just a webdev and not really experienced in writing really user-friendly texts (I always miss something) I am asking for the help of the community.
The actual webpage says pretty much nothing about detailed functions of Nightingale. So we need a page showcasing the features. Also mentioning the most important points.
So we need something like a list with the things to be showcased. Here a little starts with the stuff, that just dropped to my mind:
  • Equalizer
  • Based on Mozilla technology (Gecko/XULRunner/Like Firefox)
  • Add-ons
  • Web browser
  • Mass Storage Device support
  • Supported audio formats (mp3,ogg,flac,wav etc.)
  • Uses linux system gstreamer
  • Video support (formats?)
  • Playlists&Smart playlists
  • Download music from pages (link grabber)
  • Feathers
[edit]I update this list with the posts posted below![/edit]
What have I forgotten? What is not important for a user who hears the first time of Nightingale? I would also appreciate better titles+ little promotion texts Big Grin

As soon as I think it's good enough for a first implementation, I'll do a preview and post you the link.

Before I forget it: there is an official issue.
"Music Import from Web Pages" ...needs reworded, but the thing we jokingly call "built in piracy"
And off course feathers. So you can adjust ngale to be beautiful for your eye (it pretty much is by default, but different people, different tastes)
Indeed. Also, didn't you change some of the web stuff? Doesn't some stuff need re-uploaded?
yep there is a bug...
Also there will soon be a little redesign with a fresh touch and a first run page.