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Full Version: Import metadata (play count, etc) from Songbird?
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Is there any way to import all the meta-data from an existing Songbird library? Things like play count, date added, rating, etc of all my songs.

If there is no way to do this then I'm going to write a utility that copies the data from the Songbird database(s) but I wanted to check to make sure there isn't an easier way. Seems like it should just be a standard feature since the databases are so similar.
You can import last played, rating, play count and skip count with the RatingFile addon which is avaliable for both Songbird and Nightingale. So export from Songbird and import into Nightingale, it works fine as this is the way I migrated to Nightingale.
Thanks, that does the trick (albeit incredibly slowly Smile). It also includes the original date added which is important for my organization. Although that add-on does have some annoyances and (in my mind) design flaws.