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Full Version: Export to iTunes, nothing happening
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i just tried to export to iTunes, 'cause of my iPod Nano (hope the add-on or something similar will get finished soon), but nothing seem to happen.
The i tried it in songbird with only one imported interpret (about 130 songs) and it was functioning. Then i imported the whole library (abut 9500 songs) and it was the same as in nightingale.
Is there a limitation or does it just take so long? Is there any possibility (terminal, console...) to see what is happening, or even if something is happening. A progress bar would be great, but not necessary.

A little update:
Now, when I close Nightingale, a progress bar is shown, telling it is exporting, and it run through. But without any change in iTunes.
Well, in the actual version of nightingale are some bugs regarding import and export. You may want to wait until 1.8.2/3 gets released
Yeah this part is broken, and may be broken too even in 1.8.3... wait for the update...