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Hi, I don't know if you have any French translators, but I'm French, I speak English, so I would like to translate Nightingale into French !
Offers of help for translations are absolutely welcome! We don't yet have the infrastructure set up for translations, but once we do you will be more than welcome Big Grin
If Someone could show me how to do it I could translate it to french
Like previously mentioned, I'm ready to translate into german.
I'm also looking forward to translate nightingale into german.
I can do Norwegian, but most parts of SB is alleready translated, at least to norwegian so I am not sure if it's necessary? I am not sure if that much of the text are to be changed?
Songbird's translation page is here:

As I don't expect heaps and heaps of strings to be vastly different in Nightingale, I guess that there won't be too much to translate for those languages already done.
I discuss this topic with Goofy (an admin from Babelzilla) and they would be ok to host Nightingale translation... (BabelZilla is a platform to translate addons with great tools online).
In this case it would be more easy to define each team for each locales...
I'm still ready to help translating such a beautiful software, just tell me when it's ready ! There could be a French community too, I don't know if it has already been done...
If there is a French community ("Les Rossignols ?" Big Grin), il will be close to the Frenchbirds or Gazouillis, isn't it ?
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