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Full Version: Mass banning has taken place
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I've just done a mass-banning of users whose emails are in the database.

If you get a message saying that you have been banned & you know you shouldn't have been, send me PM & plead your case. If I believe that you are not a spammer, then I will unban you.

-- Matt-SD
Are you sure you can send PMs when you're banned? I was in a forum before that banned me and I couldn't send PMs. They banned me for simply voicing my opinion. No curse words, no controversial topic. They just banned me and their reason was "For stupidity and troll", neither of which was even remotely true.
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Anyone else find it ironic that this post got spammed? LoL...
Spam in this forum is a huge problem. I've never seen so much spam as in this one here. The spammers are often auto-banned, but their postings remain. It is absolutely annoying. I also gave up reporting the spam because it has become too much work.