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Some news :

* I'm actually working on the feather based on Manko10 mockup
* This will target Songbird/Nightingale 1.8 branch
* It's based on Purple Rain layout for now... I will try to do size/buttons changes later
Good news, i'm putting the source code of the feather online (since we are doing an Open Source project remember).

If anyone wants to participate, feel free to sends patchs and be sure to read README Wink

The feather is not quite done yet. You can build the xpi using the python script and try the feather on Songbird 1.8 branch.
That's actually great news. Could you also submit a screenshot of your work? :-)
Maybe you should annotate the license my drafts and your implementation are published under.
Yep I will take care of the licence.

The current goal is to finish before September !

Current status :

[Image: screenshot_ngale.png]
Good work GeekShadow. Smile When I saw this, I realized that Nightingale is not so far.

But what about the coppery theme ( ?
Will also be implemented. That's just a matter of changing colors. The coppery theme will also most likely be the default one.
I like them both but coppery is pretty, methinks. I like it better than purple rain... Any chance we could have a version with rounded rectangle open/close/minimise buttons instead of the round ones similar to purple rain, but with our color scheme? Basically take the image above and merge it's top portion into purple rain...the width is better, menu placment, etc...

Are you guys open to porting these to the 1.10b branch? Hold off on that, fyi, since we're moving to use the current xulrunner, which will probably change some things, but you're good for doing that, right?
What do you mean by "rounded rectangle open/close/minimize" buttons?
Be aware that the image you see above is by far not completed and looks still very dull in some areas.
That's fine - It was more a heads up on the work mook and I are doing...

Otherwise, I was just commenting. That can wait until we have something that is functional...haha.
Yeah i'm up to finish work for a 1.10 branch Smile
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