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That is a question of programming, not design. Should we decide on the native color theme, the color would always be your native selection color, should we decide on the orange/coppery theme, then this would need a setting. The alternative would be to provide several themes with different colors (perhaps something like Firefox Personas would also be possible).
I am not sure, but I think that the design is one of the things that makes Nightingale and Songird unique, and to me there is not any problems with non-native borders at all. But a setting could be a nice addition.
But for many people (including myself) non-native themes (or at least themes that look completely different than anything else) are indeed a problem. Therefore I created a theme that is a compromise between both sides; still unique but not foreign.
I'm sure the default Songbird feather or something like it can be used with Nightingale in the future by means of a downloadable extension. But as the aim of Nightingale is a proper Linux version of Songbird a feather that blends in with Linux is better, not a feather that blends in with Windows 7.
The other thing is that custom borders just don't behave like native borders. One example is that I often drag the window to the top edge of the screen to maximize it, which is not possible with Songbird just because it has no Kwin border. Such behavior had to be emulated, which again is inconsistent with the UNIX philosophy, not to speak of the immense effort it takes to emulate all that stuff.
I can see that, and as long as it looks and works good it is OK. Just don't remove the support for skins as we now them today Smile
That is absolutely right, but you shan't skin the logo. We should handle it the same way as Mozilla: they have strict guidelines how their logos may be used. E.g. they don't allow modifications of the logo, wrong logo text placement or use in improper surroundings. That is very important because we have to take care of our brand, otherwise it might be mistaken for other products or its quality could suffer due to wrong associations and/or unprofessional brand representation.
Not sure if I said that was a problem, and I can somehow understand why. Though there are a lot of projects out here with not so strict rules about that, and I can't see that they have had any major problems with that.
The logo is the representation of the brand identity. It must not be altered by arbitrary people. That does not mean that you are not allowed to use the mascot as such for your work but the original logo has to stay untouched.
Well, I see you point but I do no like lisences that are closed like that. I kind of more like the GPL and simmilar things. But lets not start a flamewar about lisences here Smile
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