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If this is the feather we are going for (and I would highly recommend it Big Grin ) then you should talk to MattSD and he can replace the image on the homepage with this one (appropriately darkened and "Coming Soon"ed).
One suggestion: the arrows for panes etc. look like eject arrows
(04-20-2011, 04:08 AM)freaktechnik Wrote: [ -> ]One suggestion: the arrows for panes etc. look like eject arrows

I exactly thought the same. Apart from that it looks really good.
But while I think it will be work absolutly perfect on a larger screen, the use on a netbook could be very annoying.
I know that the triangles look a bit like eject icons. That's because they have to look different than the other triangular buttons. I might optimize this, but I think it's not a severe design issue since it's clear that there is nothing to eject. But you're right. I'll fix that when I'm back from vacation.

The other issue mentioned: I know that the feather consumes more space than Songbirds default feather, but I think this is necessary. The Songbird feather used too little white space and therefore it looked a bit squeezed in some areas. Those people having only little space on their screen (e.g. netbooks users) would use a more compact view such a the normal list view anyway rather then the cover flow. And most notebooks (not netbooks, however) already have screen sizes like any normal computer screen.
And hey, the whole point of the feather system is that it is easy to change the layout, so it wouldn't be very difficult to create a netbook-specific feather.
You got it. :-)
Nice, both of them are much better than everything that har been released from Sonbird I think, though I like the old Rubberducky theme.

Only one note, at least for the blue one, can you make the colour on the selected item on the playlist (The thing on the right side) to the same as the other colour? I think that would look a bit nicer.
This color is not specific to the playlist. It's the active selection color, i.e., the last item you clicked. When you click somewhere else, that item will instead get the active selection. For usability reasons the active selection should have a different, more vibrant color than the passive/inactive selection. Songbird, by the way, also uses different colors for active and inactive selection.
Thats true, strange I didn't think about that.

Looking forward to try it btw Smile
(04-18-2011, 06:31 AM)Manko10 Wrote: [ -> ]I have modified the drafts. The controls are now smaller and the menu strip is now visible by default.

I really love the looks of these, will it be possible for the user to customize their own colour preference? Red for example?
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