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Full Version: Playlist export: Keep uppercase letters in Windows
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(05-31-2016, 04:59 AM)Nafetz Wrote: [ -> ]Yes, I did a restart. I tried again today but without success. Im using the version from

I couldn't test the version from github because I get an installation error ("installation script not found" -204)

I just checked the version published there, which seems to work. Sadly, the add-on does not have a debug mode, so I'm unsure how to troubleshoot the issue without modifying the add-on. If you at least know how to read programs and unzip/zip files, you could unzip the xpi (xpi is technically a regular zip file), head over to chrome/content/export_03.js and inject some logging. Then re-zip the extension and install it (there are is a more elegant way using proxy files, though). For logging, use
that should print MESSAGE to the error console in the tools menu (there are more elegant ways, though). You're mainly interested in whether the function correctCase (line 430) is executed and through which channels it returns. Note that logging will increase export time.

Other than that, I have no idea nor time to debug the issue myself.
Thank you very much - that was very helpful.

I found out that there are three calls of the function correctCase. All three calls were placed in an if-request with argument defrelative. I had not set "Make paths relative" in the settings of "Export Playlists". So I changed this setting - and I got a playlist with uppercase letters Big Grin
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