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Full Version: Forum Spam
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Mainly as a note to other users with mod privileges: there are spammers registering accounts, spamming the profile bio, signature and homepage fields (sometimes even with profile images). I removed some yesterday, and today there have been two new ones^^

I also removed spam-looking homepages from some users without any posts, which did not have any obvious spam content in their profile besides the homepage link; I did not yet purge them (but recorded my action in the mod comment field).

Bottom line: we should review newly added users periodically. Or are there better options to prevent the spam in the first place?
I used to go through the members list periodically to clean out this junk but I've gotten out of the habit.
I mainly purge spammers when I notice new threads as I check in to the forum a few times a day.
Not sure what else can be done as I don't know anything about the forum software and what add-ons/plugins there are to help.
I guess updating the board would also help.
(05-10-2016, 07:27 PM)freaktechnik Wrote: [ -> ]I guess updating the board would also help.

Feel free to do so Tongue I'm not comfortable (possibly) breaking your theme...
The amount of spamming in the last weeks became imho nasty enough that we need to take some action.

Unless somebody objects or wishes to update the forum properly (freaktechnik?), I'll try to update myBB in the next days/weeks; if anything should break or need updates, I won't fix anything not related to the core (and revert my changes if the update fails due to core-stuff I don't have time for). If that doesn't help, we should imho close self-registrations and do registrations manually...