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Full Version: What's Nightingale using on bit depth and freq?
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I'm curious if there's a way to change bit depth and sample frequency. Most of the files in my library are hifi and my hardware is set up for it, so I always use 24b x 88.2kHz for playback, but Nightingale doesn't seem to have an option to change anything. Didn't see any add-ons for it either. Is there anything in preference/config files I can edit?
What's it doing by default?
No idea, but just in case noone else is fast enough in providing you a better answer: internally we use gstreamer with a rather default pipeline. If you can edit gstreamers system-wide config, it might be applied to Nightingale automatically. Maybe a search along the lines of "gstreamer change bit depth <OS name>" can help you in finding the solution yourself.

We use gstreamer 0.1 right now, if you have multiple versions of gstreamer installed. On Windows things are unlikely to be easy, as we bundle our own gstreamer there.