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Full Version: What are other XULRunner-based projects going to do about XUL/XPCOM deprecation?
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I notice in the IRC chat lately that the path forward for Nightingale is unclear due to XUL/XPCOM being deprecated by Mozilla. It makes me wonder what other XULRunner-based projects are planning to do?

Not sure if anyone here is familiar with Zotero (, but I wonder if Nightingale could look to them for inspiration on transitioning away from XUL/XPCOM, if that's what's decided is the best path forward rather than upgrading to the latest XULRunner.

Zotero is an open-source XULRunner-based app that is basically a library/manager for PDFs, documents, media and other items. It has a database of metadata for each item, and you can organize items into "collections" (basically playlists), so it reminds me a bit of Nightingale in that way.

I don't think they've actually decided on how to move forward with XUL/XPCOM being deprecated, but it sounds like they'll replace them somehow (at least according to one developer:

Anyway, I just thought I would mention Zotero, since it reminds me more of Nightingale than any other XULRunner-based program I'm aware of, and it is definitely under more active development (they have some funding as well). It might be helpful to keep an eye on their developer mailing list ( to see what they decide to do.
Zotero is planning to port to Electron.
Would the developers consider moving from the Mozilla source code, to the Pale Moon source code. The PM source code is at: