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Full Version: Share preferences/db between clients
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Hello, is it possible to share the preferences folder between several clients? I have smb share with music, hosted on a Linux server, and want to have a music player/client that plays from smb. Today I use iTunes, but I have some troubles, plus it don't support FLAC. I have a Mac and Windows machine. 

My goal is that the Mac and Windows both share the same music (smb, organized with for example Picard) and share the same playlists, player plugins, etc.
See Essentially the problem is, that the database stores absolute paths to the music files, which look different on Mac and Windows. You could use the watch folder feature and store your music in a share (I guess you're already doing that) and make sure you write ratings and all that to the metadata. Sharing the preferences isn't possible in a trivial manner either, because they for example store the absolute path of the library database, which again, is different on Mac OS X than on Windows.
Thank you for answering. 

To bad that it isn't possible to share the db or/and preferences. To me that is a game changer. To bad, I really liked the player and it's extensions :/ Finding a good music client that run so well on all three platforms is rare if not unique.