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Full Version: ID3 Disc Number not showing
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I have tagged MP3 files with disc number in ID3 with easytag. However, in Nightingale only some show the disc number and some don't. I can set it in Nightingale and that sticks but what is the problem here? How to investigate in order to file a bug report to the application causing this.
The missing Disc Number occurs in about 60% of all multi disc albums of which ID3 tags have been editted with EasyTAG. Which other ID3 tag editor can I use to investigate this?
(07-20-2015, 07:49 PM)Pander Wrote: [ -> ]Which other ID3 tag editor can I use to investigate this?

I do not know easytag. For Windows, have a look at mp3tag, for linux I'd recommend puddletag.

Both are capable of showing which tags are physically present in the file.
My guess would be that easytag will only update some older ID3 versions, while Nightingale will always read the latest version, if present. So, the old ID3-Tag contains your disc number, while the newer one does not. On the files where it is working, there is probably no newer tag present, thus Nightingale falls back to the older version.