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Full Version: Playcount bug
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I have the old weird playcount bug, in which one every two tracks doesn't get its playcount updated.

I am on a Mac 10.6.8, and NG 1.12.1, build 2454 (the latest build, I think)

I'd like to know:

1) whether the problem has been fixed in a nightly

2) in case, a link to the nightly dmg, as the nightly directory on sf does not tell me which folder has a mac build

ok, still no replies ..

as I said, a link to the latest mac nightly would be very appreciated ...
The latest mac nightly is probably about as old as the release, since our mac nightly infrastrucutre has been messed up for quite some time now. The latest one is probably in the latest folder. Do you have installed? Because I remember there being relations to the playcount not updating.