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Full Version: Almost Monthly Community Update #2
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This is the discussion thread for Almost Monthly Community Update #2. Post away!
Look, i not have a lot video clips or series to do this test
but, i have a videos i will try
from this

But, how the people use too much the MKV , a lot use Codecs: XViD e MP3 (DivX-player) , the software need support to MKV too

my first test, with this file show this

An erro of

Nightingale was unable to write metada back to your media file. The metadata displayed in Nightingale is now inconsistent with the metada contained in the file.

Please check that you have write permission, or reimport the file to restore the original metada.
take a look
the mp4 file is editing good...
only the avi with xvid not...
I was going to take a look at a v1.13 nightly. The file name for the Linux version at seems to suggest that there's a 64 bit version only:
Is that the case? If so, is there a 32 bit version as well?
The 32bit version is i686 at the top of the list, built last night.
(09-14-2014, 05:25 PM)Ezekiel000 Wrote: [ -> ]The 32bit version is i686 at the top of the list, built last night.

Thank you.