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Full Version: Permanent delay when switching to "Music" folder, after using Duplicate View
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After you use the "Duplicate" or "Ghost" Tracks view, when you want to switch to the Music folder from some other folder there is always a big delay, even aftter you set the Music view back to the List View or Filter Pain View. This is very annoying because I switch back and from from other playlists back to music to find some track very often, and every time now there is this big delay. It also puts up a Fi;e Path:" and "Exorcise the Clones!", which is inappropriate, because the last time I visited music, I was using one of the other views, either List View or Filter Pain View. Before I ever used the "Duplicate" or "Ghost" Track view, this was never a problem, and now it is apparently a problem until I reinstall (which I might do).
Yeah, that's an issue with the Excorsist extension. Easiest way to fix it is to disable and reenable the extension, iirc.

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Yes it's the Exorcist extension, sorry about this problem, I actually looked into it again recently, but my javascript is not the best...
You can also open a new tab in Nightingale and go to "about:config". In the list there will be two different preferences that are set to either "ghosts" or "clones" (I think). If you right click on them and press "Reset to default", or just clear them out, the issue will stop occurring.