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Full Version: enclosing folder filter panel option
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This could be interpreted as a suggestion for the "Customise Filter Pane" extension.

As probably most users, I have my music library organised in folders under a toplevel library directory. Artists (or composers) of whom I have multiple albums tend to get stored in album-specific folders under a common folder under the root, etc. I also have folders that are more akin to playlists, for music that has things in common not so easily captured under the other classifiers.

When I'm under Windows, I use Foobar2000 as my player, with its Column browser as the main interface. I do the same with Nightingale, to the extent that's possible. From left to right, I have Genre, Artist, Composer and Album columns. What I'm missing is Foobar2000's option to have a 5th column listing the enclosing folders, which flattens out the folder structure in my library.

I haven't found to what extent the SBProperties class is able to export such a property (except that it's already embedded in the "File Location" property), but either way it'd be great if one could select something like the enclosing folder among the options the Customise Filter Pane extension provides.