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Full Version: down and gives only first lines
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Hi all

First of all, tnx developers for this great music manager. Only to inform, seems down. Instead, can pretty find every song i search, also non-so-popular-bands (and it was the only one), BTW, NaG display only first lines. If there's a way to fix this it would be great!

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First of, the MLyrics extension is not maintained by Nightingale directly, but by LookingMan.
I recall there being a provider that would only return the first line. If you exclude/diasable that provider, you should get better results.
If you want to help improve the extension, check out
thanx for reply

It was my fault, i'm new with NaG and i haven't notice the right-click Menu on the Lyrics column. Man.. lots of settings here, sounds good Big Grin