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Full Version: Developer Meetings Info
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Nightingale developers and other contributors meet once a month to discuss the next steps and catch up with other's works.
Everybody is welcome in the public meetings in our IRC room #nightingale on IMO.

Meetings take place on the first saturday of a month, normally at 21:00 UTC. the topics are pre-organized on a wiki page in the Wiki: developer_meetings section at least a week before the meeting takes place. Please add anything you want to discuss to that page and note your usename in the section. If you do not yet have edit rights, try asking someone on IRC who has edit rights. The meeting is a good place to get wiki edit rights.
If there is no meeting, it will most likely be publicly announced and noted in this thread, but there will be no meeting page for sure.

The meeting is in the forum's calendar, however don't take the time there too seriously.
Just a reminder, since tha last two meetings didn't really happen: NExt meeting is on February 7th. My personal goal is to get a beta ready before march.
GeekShadow proposed to move the meetings to a workday. As only him, me and ilikenwf were around last meeting, we decided to have a poll here on the forum to find a possible alternative. To vote, head over to this thread.
I was unable to attend the November meeting (freaktechnik was alone); it seems like I'm alone right now. I'll attempt to continue to be online on the first saturday each month, but I'd be open for suggestions for other schedules as well (we could start a new poll if there are enough folks interested).

Why I'm writing this: I removed the 12th meeting's date in the wiki (which freaktechnik marked as invalid last month). If somebody considers something important to discuss, feel free to leave a note here; I'm sure we can figure something out (Is somebody working on the next release? I recall something like that, but I'm not sure...).